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Andrew Casal Dominguez ACMI MICB PM.Dip

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Coming from a traditional accounting firm, I know that clients only receive a fraction of the valuable services available to them.

Business owners can benefit from so much more than the year-end tax return and the one-off annual phone call. 

We work closely with business owners throughout the year to help them understand their numbers without complex accounting jargon, giving a greater insight into the financial health of their business and also assisting them in making those important financial decisions. 

Most accountancy firms have separate departments for VAT, Payroll, Corporation and Self-Assessment tax. This creates slow response times for clients who want to reach the right person.

By carrying out all the accounting functions of the business, you can be sure to speak to the same person in a timely manner. This also allows us to understand your business in its entirety to further support its growth.

Qualified & regulated under the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)

Regulated under Money Laundering Regulations 2017

Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance protected

The Extended Team

The extended team consits of specialists which are experts in their respective fields. With over 50 years experience combined and having previously worked in HMRC, this collective of highly technical individuals can tackle even the most esoteric of queries. 

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HR & Pensions

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Tax & Law

What our clients say

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Having a unique ecommerce business with currency exchange rates, international shipping, complex fees structures  and tax, meant that I did not realise the complexity of the book keeping and accounting which was needed.  Valor accounting was able to organise my books and alot more on top. Being one of the first clients showed me how much dedication, loyalty and hard work Andrew was willing to put into my business. 

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The Football Domain Academy

I have been a client of Valor Accounting Services for over three years now and I would highly recommend them to any start up or current business owner who needs more help with the accounting side of their business. By being a client of Valor you will be stress-free from all the problems and time consumption that filing taxes and bookkeeping brings with it, and you're able to fully focus on what matters the most which are your clients and growing the business

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